Recovering Missing Payment After 5 Months

In this case study, a consumer owed money to a business for blinds and shutters fitted to her home. The debt had been outstanding for five months before it was handed over to a debt collection agency.

The customer had disputed the debt, claiming that she had to call the business back out as they did not do a very good job, which was her initial reason for non-payment.

However, it was established that this was not actually the case. The debtor then said she could not pay for this as she didn’t have the money.


The debt collection agency offered the client a payment plan, which she agreed to pay 30.00 a month until the debt was cleared. However, the debtor then said she thought this meant they only wanted her to pay 30.00 in total.


The debt collection agency explained how the payment arrangement works and when reminded, the debtor paid the full balance owed. As a result, the balance was paid in full, resolving the outstanding debt issue. The client was happy to receive the debt balance paid in full and were satisfied with the work undertaken to complete this.

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