Jacksons CRS

Debtor Tracing Service

Jacksons CRS’s comprehensive debtor tracing service employs various resources and tools to find debtors with ease.

How It Works

Debtor tracing is a crucial process for locating individuals or businesses that owe you money and have become uncontactable. At Jacksons CRS we offer a debtor tracing service to help you locate money owed to you. Using public records, such as court filings and tax documents, to locate debtors, their assets, and income Jacksons CRS can contact the debtor directly or liaise with their lawyer if necessary.

To find out more about our debtor tracing service, reach out to us at 01603 319034 or send an email to info@jacksoncrs.co.uk today.

Key resources include:

The National Directory Database (NDD): Boasting information on over 15 million UK businesses, the NDD is an essential tool for commercial recovery companies. It provides details about directors and shareholders, helping to locate debtors even if their current residence or workplace is unknown.

Company House: As a government body holding records on all limited companies registered in England and Wales since 1993 (and some Scottish limited companies since 2006), Company House is another valuable resource for tracing debtors.

We have access to various data sources, used to recover your missing funds, including, but not limited to:

  • Consented telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Insolvency/bankruptcy information (company name, address, commencement date, and liquidation/winding-up date if applicable)
  • Deceased (Halo)


Our debtor tracing service databases are constantly refreshed, providing us with up-to-date addresses and phone numbers obtained through credit connections and related actions.

Why Use Jackson CRS

If you wish to read about a previous client who has benefitted from this service, please take a look at our Landscaping Company Case Study.

At Jacksons CRS, we exercise professionalism, expertise, and discretion when carrying out the debtor tracing process, so you can rest assured that your debt will be recovered at no loss to your company reputation.

If you’re seeking a solution to recover unpaid debts, Jacksons CRS can help. With years of experience in debt recovery, our team is equipped to locate the individuals or businesses you need to find.