Recovering a Debt for a Plant Hire Company

Our client, a plant hire company, hired out their machinery to a construction company who did not pay them for three months. When the machines used by the debtor were no longer required, they stopped paying. 

The plant hire company were worried that the issue lay with the construction companies cash flow problems, and so they would not be able to pay all their outstanding debts.


The plant hire company approached Jacksons CRS to recover the debt. We initiated the pre-action protocol of legal action, adding charges to the debt, and escalated the importance of payment with the debtor. We were able to recover their funds without the need for legal action, and our client was paid in full.


By using our expertise, we were able to help the plant hire company recover their outstanding debt from the construction company. By recovering the debt within six weeks, Jacksons CRS saved time and effort for the plant hire company and ensured that they were not out of pocket for using our services.

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